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24, chemin de Borde Rouge -Auzeville - CS52627 31326 Castanet Tolosan cedex - France

Last update: May 2021

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Burlett Régis


Team E4E & PHENOBOIS platform



Université Bordeaux, Batiment B2 rdc, bureau 15N
Allée Geoffroy St-Hilaire - bâtiment B2
CS 50023
33615 PESSAC cedex - France

Tel. +33 (0) 5 40 00 69 73
regis.burlett at

Main activities

  • Conception and development of instrumentation systems
    • Sensors and instrument, measurement chains
    • Software and GUI development
    • Measurement Protocoles

Recent developments, available at the phenobois platform

* System to measure xylem vulnerablity to drought (CAVITRON)


* System to measure leaf and stem vulnerabilty curve with optical method :


* System to measure cuticular conductance :

Publication list:

Peer-reviewed paper:

[44] G Bortolami, E Farolfi, E Badel, R Burlett, H Cochard, N Ferrer, A King, .S Delzon; G Gambetta, CEL Delmas (2021) Seasonal and long-term consequences of esca grapevine disease on stem xylem integrity Journal of Experimental Botany 72 (10), 3914-3928

[43] S Dayer, JC Herrera, Z Dai, R Burlett, LJ Lamarque, S Delzon, (2021)  Nighttime transpiration represents a negligible part of water loss and does not increase the risk of water stress in grapevine  Plant, cell & environment 44 (2), 387-398

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Other publication and communication

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